How Effective is Vehicle Branding

What is vehicle branding? Well, it’s a term that is used to describe anything on your vehicle that promotes your business, from a sticker on the side to a complete vehicle wrap.

One of the goals of any company is to acquire new business. This is generally done through some form of advertising. Many reading this are no doubt familiar with traditional advertising and are probably familiar with digital media as well. However, promoting yourself to the public using these methods can be difficult if you don’t have a big budget.

That’s where vehicle branding comes in. It is a cost effective form of advertising that can help establish your brand in the market place. In this blog, we are going to look at the effectiveness of this medium and how it can play a beneficial part in your overall marketing campaign.

How often are we in our cars?

How often are you in your car? We are in them more often than you think. If we are not driving to work, we are heading to the supermarket or having an outing. We are in them all the time.

Western Power Vehicle Branding

Emergency Response Vehicle Branding for Western Power

And when we are not, we are surrounded by them – in car parks and on the roads. The common car has a huge presence in our lives. So why are you not taking advantage of this fact and making your business more visible to the public? Vehicle signage can help get your brand on the move (quite literally).

The effectiveness of vehicle signage

Vehicle signage falls under the umbrella of Outdoor media. Other examples of this are billboards and bus adverts. Outdoor media is one of the most effective channels out there because of the vast amounts of exposure it gets.

That means that you are getting thousands of impressions per day, just from one car.

What are the benefits?

You should see car wrapping as an investment rather than as an expense. A company car on its own decreases in value from the day you purchase it. By placing advertising on it, you are offsetting the initial cost by generating business (and thus revenue).

Just think about how much you are paying for other sorts of media (the newspaper for example). Car branding has only one up front cost. After that, it continues to work for you for the lifetime of the vehicle.  This makes it cost effective over a long period of time.

You don’t even have to get a car wrap to enjoy the benefits of car branding. Something like a small, magnetic sign will help your business grow.

Promoting brand awareness

Vehicle signage is great, because it never turns off. Everywhere you go, you will be promoting your brand.  Even when your vehicle is parked, it will still be visible to the public.

 Vehicle branding

Our Branding for Onsite’s Tankers

Because vehicle signage garners such a huge quantity of impressions, you are increasing the chances of converting people to your brand.

It has been long established that people prefer to associate with companies they are familiar with. The more they see your branding and become aware of what you offer, the more likely they will turn to you when they require your product or service.

We hope this blog has helped you understand more about vehicle branding. It’s something our team are very passionate about.

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