Worlds most recognised signs

Bet you could name the brand just by looking at the logo

For years, businesses have based their marketing strategies around their logo and image; using branding as a form of advertising works well with mass consumers. Some companies have signage that is so recognisable, people would be able to pin the company to the sign with their eyes closed.

Let’s take a look at some of the world’s most recognisable logos and signage.


You don’t have to own an iPhone or a MacBook to know that a bitten apple is the symbol for one of the world’s most valuable technology brands. To think, 20 years ago, a bitten apple symbolised Snow White being poisoned – or at least that was in the minds of young children reading fairy tales. With the Apple logo being pushed in every store you enter, every magazine you read and almost every household you visit, it’s hard not to associate Apple with its logo.


Aaah, the golden arches. First introduced in the 1960’s, the yellow M has become a symbol of pop culture. Whether the sign is on your happy meal, a signpost, or a life-sized structure outside the building, people responsible for the signage of McDonalds have quite the challenging task. With over 35 000 branches worldwide, it is the most recognised symbol for take away food around the world.


Just do it, right? Who would have thought that a simple tick would dominate the sport clothing industry? The tick or swoosh, used in conjunction with the tagline is literally seen everywhere. Think of all major sporting events – Nike’s signage can be seen as part of the sponsors, television adverts and of course on the sportsman themselves. From the shoes to pants, the tops and even the head gear, athletes are adorned with Nike signage.

Las Vegas

One of the most famous cities in the world, otherwise known as Sin City, has the most recognisable sign to welcome visitors. Think about a sign that invites you to Paris, Beijing, Amsterdam or Brazil… did any come to mind? Probably not. The neon lights flashing, “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada” is a sign recognised around the world.

Uncle Sam

On the political front, we have good old Uncle Sam, who was responsible for recruiting young men to join the US Army. The iconic white-haired man with the starry hat and pointed finger is still used today as a parody, or for recruitments that are more light-hearted such as a bake sale or game of paintball.

Rolling Stones tongue

Without even using words, The Rolling Stones managed to make an animated red lip and tongue design famous. The sign graced the cover of their Sticky Fingers album and has been a symbol of rock rebellion ever since.

Hollywood sign

The Hollywood sign staring down from Mount Lee in Los Angeles has become so iconic that it has been used to advertise a lifestyle and area that is considered sought after and cool. The sign has appeared on many TV shows and in multiple movies to further cement the fact that Hollywood is the place where dreams are made.

Coca Cola

Coke is synonymous with soda, cold drinks or beverages. Antique coca cola signs have become collector’s items because the brand is so iconic. Seen on storefronts, pop culture art, posters and of course on bottles, everyone knows the coca cola sign.


The branded chest of superman has become a symbol to describe more than just the super hero. The bold, bordered S has become a global symbol for strength and valour and can be seen on clothing and posters around the world.

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