Hi-Vis Signs

Photo luminescent & emergency exit signs

When it comes to your signs you want them to be noticeable and easy to read. In some instances, you need to take the visibility up a notch, especially in the case of warning and safety signs. This is why we offer a variety of high-vis signs, ensuring that when the time comes your signs and vehicles are noticed.

At Signs Ahead we take all your safety concerns seriously and understand the importance of safety signage. We supply and install a wide range of high-visibility signs for vehicles, plant equipment, buildings and work sites. With more than 25 years experience preparing vehicles with hi-vis signs for mine sites, roadside work and emergency vehicles, we are more than capable of assessing your signage needs and providing you with practical and affordable solutions. Contact us for advice on making your vehicles and signs standout at night.

We have covered entire surfaces of cars, vans and trucks in high-visibility film to protect the drivers and passengers from danger. High-visibility fleet numbers are available in all sizes to suit all vehicles. We use reflective vinyls and top-of-the-range materials in all safety and emergency sign production to ensure maximum visibility.

We have a range of hi-vis emergency exit signs, as well as our photo luminescent exit signs designed to stand out in the busiest of places.

The importance of high visibility in areas requiring maximum safety precautions cannot be overstated, which is why Signs Ahead produces hi-vis safety signs, such as emergency and fire exit signs, using reflective safety sheeting that is visible from all angles.

Considering our own workshop and the machinery involved, we completely understand the importance of safety, and want you to know we are on hand to meet all your hi-vis and safety sign requirements.

Ask us about our mine spec products, available in kits for remote applications. We will advise you on the full specifications of hi-vis signs at perilous mine and construction sites, and how best to optimise its use in the correct environment.

Exit signs

In any emergency when you are indoors, your first thought is to get out of the building. That’s why it’s so important for businesses to mark all exits with exit signs that are easy to spot from anywhere in the building. Whether it’s a photo luminescent exit sign, a boldly-worded coloured emergency exit sign or a standard exit sign, we have the full range and can custom design one specifically for your needs.

Contact Signs Ahead for the widest range of high-visibility signs for your business.