Hazard Signs & Safety Warning Signs

Workplace safety signs

Safety is your number one priority on any work site, retail shop or public space. Whether it’s roadworks, a mining or construction site, a warehouse, workshop or commercial building, safety signage is critical.

Signs Ahead stock an extensive range of safety signs for WA businesses, designed to keep employees and customers safe. Regardless of the number required, from a one-off print to a large run, we have your workplace safety signs and hazard signs covered. We stock a huge range and are happy to customise safety signs to suit your specific needs. Contact us for a work place assessment for your safety signage today.

When working on a site with dangerous areas and hazardous work, it’s critical to place enough safety signs around the entire work area. This includes exit signs, fire hydrant signs and boldly-worded danger signs in appropriate places. Safety warning signs in particular must be placed in hi- visibility areas, and there must be enough so that anyone can easily spot them. The same goes for emergency exits, which need to be visible at a glance should an emergency arise. A-frame signs can often be used as temporary signs to notify people of hazards.

We stock and supply a large range of custom decals and signage, which all adhere to strict Australian standards. You want to ensure that your safety signage is clearly marked, highly visible, and does the job required of it. Let us help you keep your workplace safe.

Workplace safety signs

Safety in the workplace is a critical factor in any business. Some work places like mines, transport yards and construction sites are obviously more dangerous than others, but in all instances it’s crucial to have effective work place safety signs to help prevent accidents. Firstly, you need safety warning signs to prevent any accidents happening, and then you need safety and exit signs to clearly show the way out when an evacuation is called for.

Road safety signs

We all know the dangers that exist on our roads. It has been reported that effective, high visibility road safety signs can lead to a reduction in road accidents. Our roads already contain many signs, some of them superfluous and some important, but when a dangerous section is recognised, safety signage can raise awareness and prevent further accidents.

Water safety signs

Water often requires signage to warn people of any dangers. This might pertain to water that is not drinkable, or water that is dangerous to swim in. It also might refer to public swimming areas where swimming is only allowed when a life guard is present. Whatever water safety signs you require, contact us at Signs Ahead – we’ll keep you safe.

Fire safety signs

Fire is one of the main causes of accidents and injuries in the work place. Placing easy to see and boldly-worded fire safety signs in your work site, will go a long way to preventing fire-related injuries. Should a fire start, people must easily be able to find the fire extinguishers, medical aid kit, and of course the exits.

Invest in the safety of your staff and clients. Contact Signs Ahead for all your safety signage needs.