Most Outrageous Vehicle Wraps

One of the latest aesthetic trends for vehicles is the matte black wrap, which was first seen on luxury sports cars like Lamborghinis or Aston Martins. Everyone seems to be catching onto this trend, but before this chic style, car enthusiasts wrapped their vehicles in any design imaginable. Think hot-rod flames meets animal print. Many types of cars, trucks and SUVs were covered in an explosion of colour and creativity. However, some were not all bad, like splashes of chrome on a black Bugatti or racer stripes on a Viper.

Let’s take a look at some of the world most outrageous vehicle wraps:

Monster motion

Monster trucks are in their own category entirely. For those who are unsure about what a monster truck is, imagine a typically styled, American pickup truck that has been modified to the extreme with huge wheels and suspension. These vehicles take part in monster truck shows where the aim is to crush whatever object is placed underneath it such as smaller cars and even motorhomes. This has become a popular ‘sport’ in the USA and arenas are packed to the rafters. In order to distinguish the different trucks, it has become customary to wrap your vehicle in the craziest, most outstanding design you can find. Popular designs include dinosaur scales and blaring flames. As if the pattern is not outstanding enough, the colours range from neon yellow and bright red to lime green and everything in between to make each truck as conspicuous as possible.

Galactic glare

We all enjoy a good spaced out stare into the stars at night now and then, but would you want to look at the stars every time you see your car. Some people take the cliché ‘reaching for the stars’ way too seriously and wrap their cars with galactic designs consisting of star clusters and small planets. The main colours used in these designs are navy blue, deep purple and of course black. While it is beautiful at first glance, it’s not really a pattern you would want to drive around in every day.

Fury friends

Many women like to incorporate the animal print trend into their wardrobe with a scarf or a bag, shoes and even dresses, but now people are choosing animal prints to accessorise their vehicles. Leopard, zebra, tiger, you name it; people have brought the jungle to the streets by wrapping their cars to resemble wild life. One of the most famous cars in this category is Justin Biebers leopard print Audi R8 – this is not something we should aspire to, so take your car to a professional for an informed opinion about what design to pick for your car.

Cautious camo

Not even army cars are printed in camouflage, so why would the average citizen think it is ok to drive around the city in a camo-printed vehicle. To makes matters worse, the colours range from conventional green and khaki to blue, white and even pink. If you are trying to camouflage your car, wrapping it in camo print is not the way to go.

Character cartoons

Some people opt to put their most loved childhood cartoon or book characters on their cars. If you’re old enough to own a car then you should restrict your love for cartoons to simply watching them on television. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Hello Kitty should not be available as wrap options – it may be cute for your first car but what do you think your boss will say one day?

Eat your heart out

The most outrageous car wrap has to be the famous turkey design. Complete with tomato hubcaps and artificial protruding legs and wings, as well as sprinkles of rosemary herbs – it’s hard to miss this vehicle. The point is to get your attention due to the nature of the business, and that is definitely achieved. Even looking at the image makes your mouth water, so companies should take note and definitely invest in vehicle advertising.

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